Pickup functionality

Beyond Ordering now offers a pickup functionality to both in the Basic, the Pro and the Full Service formula. No more queuing at the bar and the festival visitor need not miss anything of his favourite band or DJ. And all that without having to download an app. It's that simple!

1/ The visitor gives his order by means of a QR code

The visitor scans a QR code which he finds on a table or a banner on the premises and thus gains access to your digital price list.
There he can place his order and immediately pay online.

2/ Ting-ting! The order arrives in the correct pickup point

As soon as the visitor has placed his order, it appears on his computer or tablet. While you prepare the order, your visitor can follow the status on his smartphone. Do you have different control points? No problem. The customer receives a status update per operating point.

3/ The order is ready for pickup

As soon as the order is ready, the visitor receives a pick-up confirmation with which he can collect his order. No queues and immediate enjoyment!

4/ Verification

Each order is assigned a color. Using this color, orders can be visually organized in the pickup point. The verification at pickup is done by means of a pickup confirmation with four-digit code.