Basic functionalities

Online ordering via digital menu

A digital menu in your own house style, from which online orders can be placed immediately.


While you prepare the order, the customer can follow the status on his smartphone. Until you deliver everything to the table.


As soon as the order is ready, the visitor receives a pick-up confirmation with which he can collect his order. No queues and immediate enjoyment!

Accept online payments

Immediate mobile payment is possible, and this at advantageous rates and without subscription fees.

Digital vouchers as payment method

Generate vouchers with a desired value and validity date. These vouchers can be used to pay for (part of) the order.

Link with receipt printer

Optimize the processing of orders by printing a receipt with our receipt printer (optional). Rent or buy one in our webshop.

Up to 2 preparation points

Use this functionality when, for example, you are preparing drinks at the bar and food in the kitchen. With the Basic formula you can create up to 2 preparation points .

Waiter functionality

As a waiter you can take orders and pay for them manually. An ideal solution to serve customers who are not yet familiar with online ordering.

Consult limited statistics

Consult the statistics of sold items. Would you rather be able to download extensive statistics? Check out the Pro functionalities.

Available in several languages

Both: the order page and the management system are available in different languages (on request).

Independent start-up within 5 minutes

The user-friendly wizard guides you through the registration process. Independent start-up within 5 minutes.

Pro functionalities

Everything from Basic

The Pro formula offers you all Basic functionalities and more...

Up to 10 operating points

With the Pro formula you serve customers effortlessly from up to 10 preparation points.

Take orders in up to 4 zones

Reduce walking distances and optimise the logistics flow by taking orders in zones. With the Pro formula you can create up to 4 zones.

Intake meeting

During the intake meeting, our specialists will analyse your specific needs and wishes. Subsequently, we will guide you through the configuration.

Order mode

NEW! In order mode, you can manually enter orders in an order point and immediately print out an order receipt for the customer. The customer can follow the status of the order via the QR code on the receipt.

Voucher mode and voucher templates

NEW! In voucher mode, you can generate vouchers on-the-fly, e.g. when redeeming reusable cups. Create your voucher templates in advance, such as 'Guarantee reusable cup' or 'Drinks card 10 euro'.

Consult and export detailed reporting

View and export extensive statistics. Download your VAT report in a few simple clicks.

Personalized link to order page

In the Pro formula, you get a personalized link to your order page, for example:

Rental hardware packages

Purchase a receipt printer or rent hardware packages through our webshop. Optional installation, training and start-up on site possible.

Online support included

With the Pro formula you can enjoy online support and support from a personal contact.

Pay by invoice afterwards

An additional advantage of the Pro formula is that you no longer need to buy prepaid credits. A settlement of the ordered consumptions is invoiced monthly.

Full Service functionalities

Everything from Pro

Do you opt for the Full Service formula? Then you can enjoy all Basic and Pro functionalities and more...

Unlimited number of preparation points

With the Pro formula you serve customers effortlessly from an unlimited number of preparation points. Our specialists take care of the configuration and all necessary hardware.

Unlimited zones

Reduce walking distances and optimise the logistics flow by taking orders in zones. With the Full Service formula, the location can be divided into an unlimited number of zones.

Fastlane for standing audience

Keep an eye on this functionality! More information will follow shortly.

Real-time & post-event data insights and reporting

The real-time data insights give you the right input to make informed decisions on the fly and to adjust stock and staffing where necessary. Make an in-depth analysis afterwards with the help of personalised reports.

Tailor-made project analysis

You can focus on the organisation of the event without any worries. Together with those responsible within your organisation, our specialists will make a project analysis, specifically tailored to the application.

Hardwarefacilities on site

All necessary hardware is installed and configured on site. Thanks to our guidance during start-up and a short training course, you are immediately operational.

Service & Support Hotline

Full Service is really Full Service. A personal contact person is available by phone for service & support. Support and stand-by on site are also possible.

Personal project manager

A personal project manager follows your project from A to Z. He or she is happy to answer all questions and requests, and is always just a phone call away.

Control Points & Zones
Operating points

An operating point means a place or location Intended where an item is prepared. Do you have a counter and a cocktail bar for preparing drinks? Then that's 2 operating points.


Your site or space divide into different zones This limits the walking distances of waiters and optimizes the logistic flow. The example below shows how zone A & B are served from counter 1 and zone C & D from counter 2.


Combine wholeheartedly control points and zones. For example, counter 1 controls zone A and zone B and counter 2 controls zone C and zone D. The kitchen controls all zones and ordering from the cocktail bar is only possible from zone C.