In order to be able to use the Basic formula of Beyond Ordering as manager or organiser, you must have 'credits'. One credit is deducted from your balance per consumption ordered by the customer. You receive the first 100 credits for free on registration. You can reload at any time when you need extra credits.

More information about the different formulas can be found here.
Credits therefore have nothing to do with how the customer pays for his consumptions: he simply pays you in euros.

Good news: credits have no expiration date! They remain valid indefinitely.

In the Pro formula and the Full Service formula of Beyond Ordering a fixed service charge is made per consumption. This cost does not have to be paid in advance but will be invoiced on a monthly basis. More information about the different formulas can be found here.

In the Basic formula, there are no subscription costs, you only pay a credit per consumption. Credits can be purchased prepaid.

The Pro formula can be activated for an annual subscription fee (more info on request). This gives you extra functionalities and the service cost per consumption is fixed (invoiced monthly).

Definitely: you do not need a company number to use the Wat Drink Je? ordering platform. What you cannot do as an actual association, however, is accept online payments. You can use vouchers or digital drink tickets though.

More information on request.. Mollie offers different payment methods: Bancontact, iDeal, KBC, Belfius, Paypal, credit card,...

No, when you accept online payments you pay the transaction costs directly to your payment provider. The What do you drink? platform only initiates the payment; the payment (minus the transaction costs) is made directly to your account.

The only thing your customer needs is a smartphone with internet access (mobile or wifi). Your customer scans the QR code on the table and immediately places his order. It's that simple!

Wat Drink Je? is a web application and can be consulted from any tablet or computer with an internet connection. If you also want to make prints of the orders with the What are you drinking? Ticket printer? Then you need an iPad with the What Do You Drink? application.

No, accepting online payment is optional. You can change this setting at any time.

Yes, that is perfectly possible. In that case, the orders will appear digitally in the online dashboard, where you can view and process them.

A point of operation refers to a place or location where an item is prepared. Do you have a bar and a cocktail bar for preparing drinks? Then that's 2 operating points. Click here for more info.

Dividing your premises into different zones limits the walking distances of waiters and optimises the logistical flow. The example below shows how zone A and zone B are served from counter 1 and zone C and zone D from counter 2. Click here for more info.

You can combine operating points and zones. For example, counter 1 controls zone A and zone B and counter 2 controls zone C and zone D. The kitchen controls all zones and ordering from the cocktail bar is possible only from zone C. Click here for more info.

Yes, log in to your What do you drink account. Then click on 'Help needed?' in the settings menu. Here you can find a simple manual (Quick Start Guide) for each topic.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact with us.