The complete ordering platform for your theater event summerbar eating fest festival cocktailbar music club youth movement pop-upbar cultural centre sports club bar or restaurant canteen catering business pub

Independent startup within 5 minutes

User friendly interface

Ordering online,
without app!

Accept online payments

More turnover,
lower costs

How does it work?

1/ The customer orders and pays via a QR code

The customer scans the QR code and thus gains access to your digital price list TIP! → There he can place his order and optionally pay for it online.

2/ Ting-ting! The order arrives automatically in the desired control point

As soon as the customer has placed his order, it appears at the desired operating point: the order of tapas automatically arrives in the kitchen, while the bartender receives the order of two wines.

3/ Serve at the table or have the order picked up at a pickup point

While you prepare the order, the customer can follow the status on his smartphone. Both table service and pick-up at a pick-up point are possible. We have the solution for every application!

1 credit per consumption, no recurring costs*
Annual subscription fee + fixed service cost per consumption*
Full Service
Contact us for a customized proposal*

*Excludes payment provider transaction fees when accepting online payments. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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